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Oklahoma State University
Student Affairs


Student Affairs Committees

Engagement Committee- Membership currently full

Description:  To standardize student involvement data tracking methods, operationalize the involvement data, and articulate focused outreach strategies designed to help students connect with campus involvement opportunities.

Engagement Strategic Plan Working Group-Membership currently full

Description:  To formulate a collaborative and holistic strategy for engaging all OSU students.

Leadership Committee

Description:  Collaborative, campus-wide group to systematize leadership education and development for all OSU students. Provide opportunities to cultivate an awareness of one’s own values, ethics, and purpose; foster effective advocacy and civil discourse skills; and develop OSU students as ethical leaders.

Service and Civic Engagement Committee

Description: To provide opportunities for service and civic engagement, develop students as informed and engaged citizens of their communities, broaden and deepen the lessons students learn through service.

Student Affairs Assessment Advisory Committee-Membership currently full

Description: To provide resources, support, and infrastructure for assessment work in the Division of Student Affairs with the goal of improving learning, identifying opportunities for improvement, and understanding the impact of Student Affairs on the student experience. 

Key Performance Indicators Task Force

Description:  To establish metrics across the division that would measure effectiveness and the impact of programs and services.

Strategic Plan KPI Oversight Committee-Membership currently full

Description: To collect, monitor, analyze, and report data associated with the Student Affairs strategic plan.

Finance Committee

Description: To develop financial strategies that benefit the work of departments and strengthen the overall fiscal outlook of the division.

Development Task Force-Membership currently full

Description:  To strategically expand divisional revenues including an increase in gift and grant funding. This group will look at prioritization of fundraising needs and seek strategies that maximize the impact on the division.

Facilities Committee

Description: To identify and inventory divisional facilities. The group will work to create a long-term, comprehensive facilities plan.

Human Resources Prioritization Committee

Description: To review staffing needs and formulate solutions through program prioritization, reallocation of resources, or acquisition of additional resources.

Staff Talent Inventory Working Group

Description: To compile an inventory of individual skills and talents across the division to include administrative functions, IT skills, and marketing expertise.

Staff Recognition and Awards Committee

Description: To develop a strategy where the division is taking a proactive and systematic approach to recognizing staff in the form of awards or other acts of acknowledgment for their workplace efforts.

Staff Development Training Plan and Programs Committee

Description: To develop an innovative and comprehensive professional development program for Student Affairs staff. This group will map a divisional strategy that increases opportunities for education and career development.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Description: To develop a divisional strategy that optimizes existing marketing and communications efforts, strengthens internal communication, and identifies divisional and departmental needs.

Protocols and Procedures Working Group-Membership currently full

Description: To memorialize consistent functions in the response to student emergencies and critical incidents.

Student Support Committee

Description: To expound upon response in supporting students in need; to enhance proactive avenues to support students; and, to evolve resources to address specific student needs.

Basic Needs Security Group

Description:  To develop resources, plans, and protocols to connect students to basic needs and emergency support.

Student Wellness Committee-Membership currently full

Description:  To communicate student wellness needs and solicit input from campus representatives.

Employee Wellness Committee-Membership currently full

Description:  To communicate employee wellness programs and needs, and solicit input from campus partners and stakeholders.

Community Wellness Committee-Membership currently full

Description: To communicate community wellness programs and needs, and solicit input from campus partners and stakeholders.

Joint Wellness Committee

Description: To communicate wellness programs, services, needs, and outcomes from across the OSU system, and solicit input from stakeholders.

Wellness Research Advisory Committee

Description:  To develop and implement a comprehensive research strategy which includes targeted wellness hypotheses. Hypotheses shall consist of meaningful research opportunities that coincide with local, regional, and national trends.