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Disruptive Student Behavior in the Classroom

OSU supports freedom of expression and inquiry between faculty and students. However, inappropriate disruptive behavior in the classroom need not be tolerated. For information about addressing disruptive student behavior go to

Students in Distress: A Helper’s Guide

As an Oklahoma State University teaching assistant, faculty, staff member, you will likely encounter a student in distress. Your role as a possible helper is not only valuable, it could be crucial. In most cases, you will be able to respond effectively to student needs; however, there might be occasions when you would want to refer a student to someone else for assistance.

The Student in Distress: A Helper's Guide is offered to help you recognize signs of student distress and to suggest basic guidelines for effective interventions; however, each student presents a unique situation. If you are concerned about a student’s behavior and/or health, it is always wise to seek consultation with a professional.